Cherry Pick Diamonds supplies diamonds and fine jewelry to stores across the Midwest for nearly two decades.  It was founded by Ari Harry Berkovich after working for several years as a regional sales executive for the diamond conglomerate the David Arabov Group.

Berkovich decided to continue his St.Louis based wholesale operation on his own,  He continued to travel each quarter and import and sell the diamonds directly to the jewelry companies.

“My travels overseas (Tel-Aviv and Antwerp) allow me to handpick high quality diamonds at a manufacturer cost and sell to my long-term clientele at a competitive price.  My long term relationship with my suppliers is the foundation for my success and allowing me to adapt to the constant changes.

As a small business owner I constantly have to follow the digital changes, Trends and new available technologies in order to stay in business and thrive.

We buy from conflict free regions and source our diamonds from ethical and reliable companies.  All of our diamonds are cut and polished by experienced cutters and certified by the best gemologists.

Our fine jewelry is made with recycled metals, designed casted and assembled in the USA. 

The diamond trade is a true passion of ours and we are honored to keep servicing the jewelry industry with trust and transparency.

I like the saying : “We don’t remember days we remember moments” and diamonds create without a doubt these special moments that will last forever.

Mazal U’bracha !(Good fortune and blessings)

Thank you for your years of trust and for your business! “

Ari Harry Berkovich- Founder and Owner